NOY Skincare

Welcome to Noy, a holistic skin care & wellness studio founded by Danna Omari. Noy is defined as a state of beauty and grace. Its meaning embodies our philosophy to beauty and wellness. From our team of experts, clients receive only the best guidance in caring for their skin internally as well as externally, carrying it out into the world with them beautifully and gracefully.

Danna Omari

Danna has been perfecting her craft for nearly 15 years. Her philosophy of back-to-basics approach and truly shifting the skin is what excites her about treating clients every day. “The skin knows what to do, we just have to cut out any distractions and guide it properly in order for it to thrive”.

Having suffered from severe acne as a teen, skin was always on her mind and always something she wanted to truly understand. Before becoming a licensed Esthetician, she was once a client with severe acne. During regular treatments, she remembers feeling that there was a “lack of empathy and most importantly client education. To make a shift in the skin, one must know and understand the skin, even just the basics.” Her struggle with acne was her inspiration to study the science of skin, and make it her “life”.  Her personal experience of the physical and emotional insecurities skin conditions can produce, constantly motivate her to help and treat others.

To Danna, skincare is “my passion and my craft, and each day I am working on perfecting that”


Senior Fashion Consultant

Ella brings a keen eye for fashion & beauty to Noy. Her unique style and look-curations have garnered her much acclaim on the school playground and at birthday parties. She handpicks her outfits and accessories on a daily basis. Ella’s most notable achievement, however, is her collection of 1 billion Barbie dolls, which continues to grow. Ella is a fierce negotiator who believes “bedtime” is just a state of mind and should not be associated with a particular set time. We plan to keep Ella on the Noy team for the foreseeable future!


Chief Happiness Officer

Eva’s main role at Noy is making everyone laugh. Whether she is coloring all over her face and body with a permanent marker, or running naked thru the living room, Eva brings a lite and uplifting energy to the entire team. Eva’s favorite hobbies include cuddling on the couch with her family, dancing, and playing chase. She believes having a chocolate cookie first thing in the morning is essential to having a productive day. After graduating from nursery school, Eva plans to continue her studies in Elementary school, alongside her older sister.


Director of Poop

Idan came to us when he was born. Before his time with us, he was a fiery fetus, working on the development and growth of little fingers and toes. A hard worker, Idan is constantly either smiling, or busy working on a multitude of tasks such as standing, climbing, and eating Shopkins. If he could talk, we think he would say, “I love you” and “I pooped, could you kindly change my diaper”. Idan’s favorite food is milk. His favorite hobby is milk, and his favorite word would probably be milk too! Idan would like to one day walk and possibly to eat solid food.