Advanced Starter Kit

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Reset, Simplify, & Correct

The Ultimate Bundle to Start Fresh

You will receive a full “how-to” card to guide you in using these products for optimal results!

This skin is intelligent, it knows what to do and how to heal itself. We simply have to cut out any habit/product that is disturbing its natural function and guide it properly in order for it to thrive! If you’re experiencing a breakout or your skin is acting out, the best thing you can do is stop everything that you’re using and simplify your routine, focusing on restoring balance in the skins acid mantle and microbiome.

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The Advanced Starter Kit includes:

Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn
Dark Green Nephrite Jade Gua Sha


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Cosmedix, Gua Sha, Living Libations


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2 reviews for Advanced Starter Kit

  1. Victoria Chestnut (verified owner)

    I learned about Noy skincare through my waxing lady, who ranted and raved about beautiful Danna. So I found her through Instagram and watched the very interesting guasha Jade techniques she utilized. I currently have products purchased through Rescue Spa, but felt my skin needed a change, as it was still congested. I have been using the advanced starter kit for 2 weeks now, and using the Jade stone on both me and my fiance’s face. I have noticed softer skin and more radiant complexion overall. I was very weary of using the sea Buckthorn oil, thinking I would be covered in pimples, but to my delight, no acne. I would also like to add that my fiance falls asleep in my lap while I’m doing his facial massage with the stone. LOL! Can’t wait to try a facial at Noy.

  2. Sachee (verified owner)

    I first learned of Noy Skincare through my primary esthetician, who recommended I try the Seabuckthorn Oil Cleanser after my then-current cleanser ran out. I have had problem skin the past two years with extremely sensitive skin, discoloration, milia, extremely deep blackheads, and random “bumps” that just wouldn’t go away or improve. About a month ago, I finally took the plunge and ordered the Advanced Starter Kit. Within the first week, I had never felt my skin be so soft and silky smooth, that was not caused by excess acne/oil, and felt that my skin was evening out and clearing up. I was slightly hesitant and wondering if perhaps hope had caused a placebo effect and I was seeing non-existent results. At the end of Week 2, I started crying from how much my skin had already improved and ditched foundation on most days (Note: foundation was a daily essential to keep me looking human). Week 3…I couldn’t believe I didn’t try Dana’s products before! Now onto Week 4, I am beyond thrilled to see the results. The Seabuckthorn Cleanser is so wonderful and truly does double as a moisturizer after doing its job as a cleanser. The Mystic (toner) is one of the most hydrating products I have ever used and a great makeup setter. Usually, I find toners to be quite ineffective and extremely dehydrating which is not the point of the product. The Rescue balm is hands down magical. The first few times I used it, I was beyond skeptical that such a thick, and tacky, product wouldn’t clog my pores and break me out. I am beyond ecstatic to report that I was wrong!!! Lastly, the Define serum is doing wonders for the elasticity of my skin and overall brightness. The retinol and hydroxy acids are powerful enough to work but not over-strip or attack my sensitive and extremely finicky skin. To be honest, I have not used the Gua Sha stone more than twice at this point as I am extremely new to this practice and scared that I will botch it up and ruin my fresh results. However, I am sure that it does wonderful things to drain/open the lymphatic system and can’t wait to learn more and try it!

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